Landscape Architect, Garden Designer, International lecturer & Plant Person


To my clients...


I aim to create gardens that belong, gardens where the design, plants and construction  materials are appropriate and sensitive to the house, the surroundings, and the culture of the place. An awareness of space is fundamental in making happy gardens. So I seek to express beauty through harmonious proportions, and I do not mean rigid formality, but elegance and exquisite style.

A sense of humour, mystery, and passion are attributes I value, and incorporate in my designs.  I love what is vibrant, sensuous, alive. I love surprises, - secret gardens -, playing with the sunlight. I know that spectacular ornaments and patterns soon grow tiresome, whereas I want to give my clients... solutions that last, places where people wish to linger and find continuous sources of joy.

For every new project I produce an original design that stems from my clients’ needs and desires and the individual character of the site. It’s like waking Sleeping Beauty and transforming the common place into magic. To do this, I feel it is important to get to know the site and my clients well, so that I can create a garden space which is personal to them and respectful of the site. Clients trust me because they understand this dedication, that I am there for them, and to give them a beautiful happy serene place to live in.